Muistin pitkä jyrinä (2007)

(The Long Rumble of Memory)
Male Choir, Oboe
Text: Mirkka Rekola
Duration: 10' 
FP: YL Male Voice Choir, cond. Matti Hyökki, Veera Pesu, oboe, Helsinki, April 5, 2008.
recording: "Talescapes", YL, cond. Matti Hyökki (Ondine 2010) ODE1155-2

This work consists of three songs for Mirkka Rekola's poems. I chose them individually looking for different musical ideas, so they don't have any thematic connection with each other. 

For all of us happens one day that roles of parents and children turn around and we realize to lead our mothers like they used to do with us when we were young. We literally protect them not to get lost. The poem of the first part "I see my mother" brings into my mind presence of different generations: I look how my mother is taking care of her parents and accompany them passing away. I follow on the side, but inevitably I am once in the same situation. For the first part I have given  a name "Mother's Lullaby" and it is composed for all mothers.

The second movement "A Cry changed to an arch which the others go through" is a transition from a rough dissonance to tranquil warmth, nothing else.

Last movement "Among the autumn leaves" is a playful fugatto while leaves of different colours are falling down - until a red hairy Grim Reaper comes and the atmosphere changes.