Kuvan kuva (2000)

(An Image of an Image)
Mixed choir 
Text: Pentti Holappa, Lauri Otonkoski 
Duration: 11' 
FP: Kampin laulu, dir. Timo Lehtovaara, Tampere, June 6, 2001
Available: Sulasol

1. Runo — Dikt (Lauri Otonkoski, trans. Mårten Westö)  
2. Loru (Lauri Otonkoski) 
3. Runoilija ja peili (Pentti Holappa)  
4. Tähti — Stjärnan (Pentti Holappa, trans. Martti Soutkari)   

An Image of an image is a serie of four songs and a primary aim is playfulness. In each song the text is transformed in different way. In a first movement "A Poem" I have used the text bilingually; Finnish and Swedish versions are advancing at the same time like translating one another simultaneously. Second movement "A Rhyme" is playing with phonetic transformations from one syllable to another (f.e. nen-ne-nje-gnje-gje-ge-ga-ka).    

In a third poem "A Poet and a Mirrow" each verse has a line which stands repeating itself like "an image of an image...". This idea of repeat is also a compositional starting point for the movement. 

Last movement "A Star" is, like the first one, bilingual: the poem is first sung in Swedish, after that in a odd mixture of Finnish and Swedish syllables (f.e. ole-elektriska, har-parvessa, glansss-säteile) and finally the poem is whispered in Finnish.