On Air-line (2008)

Violoncello, live-electronics, big band, radio
Duration: 36'
FP: UMO, cond. Kirmo Lintinen, Juho Laitinen, violoncello, Time of Music, Viitasaari, July 8, 2008
Available: http://musicfinland.com (ask composer for Max/Msp-patch) 
1. What's on
2. Folded
3. Early
4. Itself
5. Resound 
6. Stream 
7. Between 
8. Underneath 
9. Duel 
10. On the Air 
There is a radio on a stage.

At the beginning of a concert one radio channel is selected. For the audience is given a short sample of the program what is going on in this channel during the concert. A selected programme has no limitations according to content or style because the radio broadcast will soon be transformed to un recognisable material.

A radio transmitter works as input-noise for the musical processes in which are happening in real-time. These processes are controlled by a cellist with a pedal. 

Behind the piece you can distantly hear a theme by Bill Evans: Very Early