Kivi, sakset, paperi (2002)

(Rock, paper, scissors)
Chamber Ensemble (cla, vl I, vl II, vla, vc, cb, pno, perc)
Duration: 15'
FP: Avanti, dir. Jan Söderblom, Helsinki, September 23, 2002
"Rock, paper, scissors" is an old well-known game: a rock wins scissors, scissors wins paper and finally paper wins a rock. Every element in the game is egal, each of them wins one but lose to the other. 

I was playing this game while composing the piece. Different groups of instruments and musical elements are competing — being hard, cutting and covering each other. 

How to win musically? During the work I was especially interested of covering or masking. Masking is an electroacoustic concept which means that a soft sound is not heard because of a louder sound. For example a pianist plays at same time two tones: soft and loud. The soft sound will come audible after the loud one has died away. Another way of masking is used in the section which I called "every other". In that place two different harmonic movements are going on similtaneously but showing up in every other chord. I tried to separate the harmonies with different dynamics and playing technics. Clarinet and piano has solistic role. They purposefully lead the themes forward although they all the time fall  into the "struggle of the game".